How can a person
remember a feeling?

Upcycled Contemporary Jewellery With An Antique Twist

Handmade Copper Jewellery

by Rolling Madellaines

How can a person remember a feeling? Well… in theory one cannot, practically with a little help, everything is possible! And we, the Rolling Madellaines team, definitely prefer the second version. We make handcrafted metal jewellery inspired by different movements and periods in art history and try to bring them to contemporaneity by using recycled and new materials like glass beads, copper, paper or brass wire. We combine old with new, ideas and materials and try to connect with you by offering an alternative of showing your individuality in an authentic way.

We are an eclectic whole and we stand for the idea that heavy textures can be combined with minimalist design in a successful way, so that is why Rolling Madellaines means a team of two people. The artisan and the graphic designer. While the first transforms the feelings into wearable jewellery pieces, the second one translates and adapts his vision to a digital medium: the Rolling Madellaines brand. We are the perfect fit of brains and beauty!

Our work intends an attention towards the contemporary need of relative beauty and shout for individuality without stereotypes. It is about adapting your personality and vision to modern times, without losing yourself in the process and try to present your ideas and principles in a truthful and non-invasive way. It aims to the concept of alternative beauty by using a peaceful but subversive attitude, which utterly represents the utopia for our contemporary societies.

We are interested in exploring the contrast between materials and enhancing the imperfections within the dialog human body - society. We explore dramatic and layered shaped forms in order to suggest a softer, sensitive but in the same time powerful characteristic of the piece and therefore of the wearer.

The juxtaposition of different materials and metals, colours and shapes create a quite heavy texture which invites the viewer (and wearer alike) to deconstruct what he sees and, at an unconscious level,  to identify that particular detail that attracts and invites him to step into a space of speculation. Ultimately, my work is about details and the ability of exploiting the human imperfections to the point of transforming them in valuable characteristics of personality.

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